Above is my final project for this class! I decided to have a conversation and talk about the life of my grandfather, Ray Hendrickson. Even tho we are a couple years apart:)….. he is still one of my best friends so I thought this was a great idea. He has had a lot happen within his lifetime so I honestly wanted to learn more about it. I hope you enjoy!!!1

I have already seen this documentary and was very interested the whole time. Watching it again I saw things I didn’t notice from before or honestly didn’t even remember.

It is about a Aggressive Orca named Tilikum. He sadly killed 3 people. Throughout the documentary it shows tons of showing footage and scary sad interviews. This documentary was very sad and very upsetting to watch but its something you need to watch to understand what is going on when these animals are in captivity. Overall a good documentary and I would recommend it to others!

This documentary was filmed in 2020 and was written/produced by Nicole Newnham and James LeBrecht. It won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

It is a documentary about a summer camp called Camp Jened. The camp itself was meant for teens with disabilities to have a place to go in the summer. The film is focused on Activists for the Disability Rights Movement who were once campers. Overall the documentary is very good and I highly recommend it to all!

I found this documentary very interesting. It was produced by Bryan Fogel. The main focus was doping within sports. It premiered at Sundance Film Festival January 20th 2017 and was awarded the US Documentary Special Jury Award. After Netflix released it August 4th, 2017 to the world.

While Bryan Fogel was understanding and researching doping in sports and how that enhanced athletes and everything that was involved with that world. he was introduced to Grigory Rodchenkov and Russian Scientist, who was in charge of the national anti-doping laboratory in Russia. From there on a bond begins and plans begin to form! I really enjoyed the documentary and would highly recommend it.

This documentary is about a NSA spying scandal. To me reading about it and watching it was honestly insane. Laura Poitras was a couple years into making a specific film about post 9/11 and national security when she started recieving weird emails from a specific person. This person called themselves “Citizen four”. This documentary is all about thqat and goes in depth on it. I would really reccomend it.

I found this documentary to be very intersting. It is about how Cambridge Analytica, which is a data company went from being on the good side of social media to very bad… quite quickly. It was a scandal involving polilitical elections.

Overall I was very hooked the entire time with this documentary and would really reccomend it to all.

I have seen this documentary a couple times already and was always hooked the whole time. I really enjoyed getting to rewatch this documentary again.

The documentary is about how Amanda Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollectio went to trail as suspects for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. Knox spent four years in prison in Italy before being tried by the Supreme Court of Cassation. Later after being tried two times she was acquitted for the 2007 murder.

Throughout the documentary like I said you are constantly on your toes trying to uncover the mystery of did Amanda Knox actually kill her roomate or is she being framed. Great documentary I reccomend it.

I chose one frame from the film that really moved my imagination. It is an image where men are hitting a flat instrument to make sound, they are surrounded by more people vibing along with them.The image fills me with joy as I watch. It makes you feel like you are there experiencing it with them. The colors are bright and vibrant making the feeling even happier.